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Antigua Area Group or Private Tours –

Antigua Area Group or Private Tours –

Antigua Area Group or Private Tours – Flexible Itineraries: Children CHILDREN’S NATIVE DANCE PRESENTATION – Available every day “Niños con Bendición” An excellent opportunity to see local culture and interact with the children. This program was designed to generate funds for the children to stay in school while also maintaining their cultural roots. The dance group is made up of 17 children ages 7-14 yrs. from some of the most impoverished families in the village of San Antonio Aguas Calientes (20 min from Antigua). The children present a few of the local / native (short) dances involving the crop planting and corn harvest as well as some native Guatemalan folk dances.

A small snack (safe to eat) is presented after the dances. This is an excellent opportunity to see local culture in a “typical” home – try weaving, grinding corn, make tortillas and get a taste of daily life – as you interact directly with the children. Extra time for kids of all ages to play and share. Opportunity to shop for textiles and home made crafts. Proceeds from all sales go directly into the education fund.

VERY INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE. 501(c)(3) GUATEMALA VILLAGE TOUR @ 8am – 4pm includes transports, translator and snack. Mon – Fri. 8:00am – Transport from your hotel or address in Antigua for a village located @ 1 hour from Antigua +/- with a stop in town if it is market day. Experience a day in a typical village; walk alongside villagers and experience everyday life before and after the impact of community development and infrastructure projects.

Cook alongside the women, visit a family center or school and interact with the kids, help build a stove or work in a community garden. You can decide on a project (in advance is best) so we can set it up.The day is safely spent in rural Guatemala interacting with villagers to have a 1st hand experience of life and positive changes. Projects sponsored by Behrhorst Partners for Development (BPD).