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Shared Transports

Shared Transports

Shared Transports are a minivan with other tourists leaving at set times.  Door-to-door service.

Cheaper than private transport but no guarantee how many will be in your vehicle or the quality of service received as it is not my own driver.

Transport costs below are subject to change depending on your travel date and current fuel costs.

As a service provider, I lose quality control over who the driver is, his driving habits, type of vehicle, how many are traveling with you and your actual pick up time within a general 30 min +/- range depending where you are on the pick up list.

From To Times Prices in US$
Please Contact Us for a schedule and prices
Antigua Monterrico 8:00 am/3:00 pm $25 one way (daily) $50. round trip (Sa/Su)
Antigua Panajachel 6:00 am, 8:00 am, 12:30 pm, 4:00 pm $20. (M, Tu, W, Fr, Sa)
Antigua Panajachel 7:00 am, 12:30 pm, 4:00 pm $20. (Th, Su)
Panajachel Antigua (Guate) 9:30 am, 12:30 pm, 4:00 pm $20. ($40.) (daily)
Antigua Chichicastenango 7:00 am, 12:30 pm, 4:00 pm $20. (Th, Sun)
$25. (Wed, Sa)
Panajachel Chichicastenango 8:00 am $10 (Th, Su)
Panajachel Chichicastenango 4:00 pm $15 (We, Sa)
Chichicastenango Antigua (Guate) 2:00 pm $20. ($30) (Th, Sun)
Chichicastenango Panajachel 2:00 pm $10. (Th, Sun)
Antigua or Guatemala City Copán, Honduras 4:00 am $40.
Antigua Flores 7:30 am, 6:30 pm $45. (daily)
Flores Belize City 5:00 am, 7:30 am $25. (daily) + border fees
Flores Chetumal 5:00 am, 7:30 am $25. (daily) + border fees
Flores Palenque 6:00 am $40. (daily) + border fees